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Debbie Horse Story

I started taking EnerPrime to help my digestion, but found it is for much more. My son, Justin Abramson suggested that I use it when I do endurance rides. I was skeptical but tried it. I had one tablespoon in the morning, ½ tablespoon midway through the ride, and at the end one tablespoon. I had not ridden a 50-mile endurance ride in 8 months and knew I’d be sore, to my surprise I wasn’t very sore. Fast forward to getting my horse, CR dun debut, (aka Debbie), with the hopes of completing a 100 mile in one day ride. Come to find out she has a tie up problem. Debbie is registered half Arabian and paint. There was a Tie up research with Arabian horses. She qualified for the study but first she was check for PSSM, which she doesn’t have, then had a muscle biopsy. Her muscle was one of the most abnormal that the researchers had seen but didn’t know what it was. The researchers help me to put her on a certain diet and to exercise her daily. Just for interest sake I started doing labs on her after rides. Twice she was awarded best condition and highest vet score, her muscle enzymes were still very elevated even though she showed no signs or symptoms of tie-up. It freaked me out. I kept working on her diet and exercise, but she had another tie-up and was told that she probably never be able to go beyond 50 miles. That’s when Justin suggested giving her EnerPrime just a tablespoon a day. Since it worked for my muscles maybe it would help her. I did labs again with each ride and they greatly improved. After a while I thought let’s try a 100-mile ride. Justin helped crew for me and made sure that both Debbie and I were getting EnerPrime before during and after the ride and we both got the same amount. We completed the ride in 90+-degree weather in 18hours and 57 minutes. Her muscle enzymes were unbelievably low, and even I was not as sore as I thought I’d be after a 100-mile ride. I believe EnerPrime was the reason we both were able to complete 100-mile ride that people thought that we would never be able to do. - Becky V. RN

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